How to hide my IP address and stay anonymous on the Internet

If you need instructions on setting a VPN for other operating systems:

How to hide my IP address and stay anonymous on the Internet

Nowadays, the world trend is to limit freedoms of citizens, both in real life and virtual. Many governments have introduced laws allowing special services to read personal correspondence, receive information about user surfing on the network and even to disconnect users from the Internet without a court order. However, not all citizens like it. So, read this article if you want to:

  • hide IP address;
  • encrypt your traffic;
  • access locked sites ( social networks, game sites, adult sites and so );
  • protect yourself from the arbitrariness of the authorities;

HTTP Proxy

A proxy server is a server that is used for servering requests to other servers. Usually they are processing WEB traffic. Proxy server can filter recieved data, for example block some sites, change content or even replace it with its own.

  • Widely supported by client software ( ALL browsers );
  • Easy-to-configure;
  • Good choice for WEB traffic;
  • Can't use without client software support;
  • Low anonymity ( you will hide your IP, but some servers sends X_FORWARDED_FOR header with your address );
  • No encryption;
  • Incompatible with BitTorrent and VoIP software.
Summary:Easy and fast method to hide ip. However, you need to ensure that the used proxy doesn't provide any information about you, for this purpose use our site


SOCKS protocol was originally developed by David Koblas and presented at that year's Usenix Security Symposium on 1992. The protocol was extended by Ying-Da Lee ( NEC employee ) to version 4. SOCKS protocol is independent of application protocol. It can be used for many different services, like HTTP,FTP,SSH or Telnet. SOCKS5 protocol was approved in 1996 by IETF. The protocol was developed in collaboration with Aventail Corporation. SOCKS5 supports client authorization ( good for system administrators ).

When you want to connect to SERVER_A port B your program will send request to the SOCKS IP with information about SERVER_A port B. SOCKS proxy opens new connection to SERVER_A from it's IP. After that all data to SERVER A go through SOCKS IP ( without any changes).

  • Widely supported by client software ( most browsers, ftp clients and so );
  • Easy-to-configure;
  • High anonymity ( you'll hide your IP address from server);
  • Hide DNS;
  • No encryption, so attacker can access your data;
  • If software doesn't supports SOCKS protocol you need to install additional software;
  • Bad idea for torrents and file downloads. Usually SOCKS servers is slow.
Here are some programs that allow applications which don't support SOCKS to operate through SOCKS proxy and create a chain of SOCKS servers:
Summary:This method is the best choice if you want to hide your IP fast and inexpensive. But you must be ready for low connection speed or even recurrent disconnect. Most fast and stable SOCKS servers are available only for subscribers.


A VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is a computer network that is implemented in an additional layer over an existing network. It has the purpose of creating secure tunnels between workstation located in different parts of the world.

You can safely transfer any data through VPN, even over unsecured channels ( like Wi-Fi or WiMax etc). Currently there are several technologies of VPN tunneling from different vendors: OpenVPN, PPtP, L2TP, IPSec,SSTP and other. They are differ by encryption mechanism and used software

VPNs are often used by organizations to provide remote access to a secure internal network. Also VPN is a good choice to mask the IP address of individual computers within the Internet in order, for instance, to surf the Web anonymously or to access location restricted services ( such as gaming sites, adult websites or Internet television).

  • No client software requirements;
  • Reliable traffic encryption ( up to 448 bit );
  • Full BitTorrent and VoIP support;
  • Highly anonymous ( hide IP from anybody );
  • Hide DNS;
  • Additional software is needed for some VPN implementation;
Summary:Best decision for VoIP, p2p (BitTorrent, EMule etc) and any other software. High speed and total anonymity in one time.