Configure OpenVPN / DoubleVPN on Microsoft Windows XP

Configuring OpenVPN in MS Windows

  • Download latest OpenVPN version from [ 1.6Mb]. Select Run
  • Download process will start:
  • Select Run to launch the installation program:
  • Press Next:
  • Don't change installation components until you know what you are doing. Press Next:
  • Using standart installation directory:
  • Press Next after installation finish:
  • Disable Show Readme checkbox and press Next:
  • Go to Account page and download needed configuration archive:
  • Open configuration archive:
  • Select ALL files in the archive and copy them:
  • Go to OpenVPN installation directory ( ex. C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\ ) and paste the files:
  • Run OpenVPN GUI from Start menu. Select Connect menu item:
  • You will see connection log.
  • Tray icon becomes green: