Configure PPtP on Windows XP

Configuring PPtP connection in MS Windows

  • Click Start-> Control Panel.
  • In Control Panel, open Network Connections.
  • Click Create a new connection in the Network Tasks task pad.
  • In the Network Connection Wizard, click Next
  • Click Connect to the network at my workplace, and then click Next.
  • Click Virtual Private Network connection, and then click Next.
  • You need to select whether you will use a dialup connection or if you have a dedicated connection to the Internet either via Cable, DSL, T1, Satellite, etc. Click Next.
  • Type a host name, IP or any other description you would like to appear in the Network Connections area. You can change this later if you want.
  • Type IP address of our VPN server that we provide to you( for example or ). Click Next.
  • You are just about done, the rest of the screens just verify your connection,Next.
  • Click to select the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop check box if you want , if not, click finish.
  • You are now done making your connection.
  • Now that you have your VPN client all set up and ready, the next step is to attempt a connection to VPN server. To use the connection follow these simple steps. To open the client again, go back to the Network Connections dialog box. One you are in the Network Connection dialog box, double-click, or right click and select Connect from the menu.
  • Type your user name and password, and then click Connect.