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shared proxy


10 000 IP's and 300 threads


15% every 3 hours


6$ / day

65$ / month

Shared proxy

the Shared package - proxies are suitable for absolutely any permitted actions on the Internet: regular surfing on various sites, registration and use of popular services, games, checking. A distinctive feature is that several more people will use this package in parallel with you.

USA proxy


2 200 IP's and 500 threads


5% every 2 hours


13$ / day

230$ / month

USA proxy

the US Selected Proxy Pack is the rarest offer on the market. High-quality, profitable package for personal use. If you want to access resources only for residents of USA: Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Hulu and other sites, this package is possible.

SL mini

10 000 IP's and 300 threads


10% every 3 hours


10$ / day

180$ / month

SL casual

20 000 IP's and 500 threads


15% every 2 hours


20$ / day

350$ / month

SL imperial

42 000 IP's and 750 threads


10% every 2 hours


40$ / day

700$ / month

SL package line

high-quality proxies at an affordable price - an excellent solution for comfortable work. Pick up the necessary package according to parameters and cost and enjoy comfortable work at an affordable price.

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Proxy packets with IP authorization. Choose the necessary level of anonymity and use a single subscription at once on all devices:

Premium VPN

Premium VPNFast VPN

Anonymous Internet without loss in speed. Only the fast servers and instant connection without delays

Double VPN


Double traffic encryption at a decent connection speed. When a high level of anonymity is needed

Onion VPN


The highest level of anonymity - all traffic passes through the TOR network, which affects the speed of work

Coverage and possibilities

buy proxy more than 25 connected countries
buy proxy 150 servers all over the world
buy proxy over 5 000 users online

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We provide proxies at an affordable price

The modern world of digital technologies dictates new conditions for working in the IT field. More and more projects, the main task of which is to perform many monotonous operations in the shortest possible time, are implemented by using proxy servers, which must be stable and preferably inexpensive.

It is also important to find a proxy server that will be combined specifically with your project or the software installed on your PC.

It is really very difficult to find such an ideal proxy package that combines all the tasks in a complex. But there is a solution. SecretsLine offers a product that is ideal for solving problems of any complexity. Cooperation with professionals, work on the best software is the key to success and a guarantee of good earnings in the IT field.

Proxy types and conditions of use

If you are first faced with the need to use a proxy, we suggest that you understand in detail the features and principles of this product.

Before buying any proxy, we suggest registering in your personal account, familiarizing yourself with the range of available packages, and requesting a free test from the support service. This will help you get an idea of ​​a specific product, compare how acceptable a particular option is for you.

Proxy classification

Next, we will consider which proxy packages are common and which tariff is optimal.

Proxies differ according to the protocols used:

  1. HTTP;
  2. HTTPS;
  3. SOCKS4;
  4. SOCKS5.

For each user, one package is issued to one person, which guarantees the absence of address bans and stability of work.

Proxies differ by geolocation:

  1. USA;
  2. Europe (EU)
  3. Russia (RU)
  4. China (CN))
  5. Mix and others

The proxy data consists of several thousand IP addresses, updated every 2 hours.

For VIP clients on sale exclusive packages:

These proxies open up ample opportunities due to the huge number of IP addresses and an even more private update.

In addition to the above-mentioned servers, you can order more than 32 thousand proxy packages online. You can choose the optimal number of proxies for your efficient work.

The budget proxy is represented by the Shared package. This tariff is not only affordable but also universal in use. With Shared, you can easily solve any problem. You shouldn't expect ultra quality from this option, but this disadvantage is fully compensated for by online traffic and the minimum price. You will be able to work quite safely, quickly, and your traffic will be hidden, and your personal data will be encrypted.

Development strategy for the near future

Development of proxy products is the main task of our company. Soon, a line of packages will be released to the market, adapted for viewing channels on YouTube, Twitch, and other similar platforms.

The development of mobile applications for proxies also remains a priority. Today this type of proxy is the most popular and promising. The developers are tasked with creating a quality product that will not leave indifferent any user.

Note! When buying a proxy on our website, you will find a detailed consultation, which will become a guarantee of choosing the best anonymous, reliable, proven, and inexpensive buy proxy service.

Why do you need a proxy?

A huge number of specialists work in proxy services today: SEO specialists, SMM marketers, and many others.

We will advise and help you choose the best proxies at an adequate price that meet all the requests and requirements of the project.

Our proxies are suitable for you if:

  1. On the Internet, you have to parse information often and a lot. The proxy allows you to make hundreds of thousands of queries in the search engines Yandex, Google. On the websites of competitors, in online stores.
  2. Spend a lot of time on social networks: keep accounts, do auto-posting, interact with the audience. Our proxy server supports the popular platforms VK, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, TikTok.
  3. Are you fond of playing online games. Through a proxy, you can easily go to the fascinating world of CS, Dota, PUBG, WoW, Fortnite, WoT, and many others.
  4. You work with blocked resources. The proxy opens access to any information from anywhere on the Earth.
  5. You post ads on message boards.
  6. Send email newsletters.
  7. Communicate in instant messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, TikTok.

As you can see, any problem is solved by a properly selected proxy server!

Cooperation with SecretsLine professionals

You can buy proxy services here! For over 10 years we have been providing services in the market of innovative digital technologies. Thousands of clients have already used our proxy services. We offer unique solutions to meet the most complex needs. We select an individual offer for each customer so that the customer is satisfied with the result of using the product. Each order of a reliable proxy is a challenge for us. We are ready to offer you only high-quality proxies, which are simply not available on other sites and specialized sites. We value each of our clients very much and do our best to satisfy the requests of absolutely every customer. Our services are as follows:

Our support will always help you to configure the service.

SecretsLine is a rapidly developing company that is constantly growing, striving to new heights. Hurry up to buy proxy server socks5 and become our partner right now, which in the future will give the primary right to use new free tests when developing innovative proxy developments. Thus, you will always be in the trend of informational innovations and one step ahead of your competitors.

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