Reliable traffic encryption

VPN reliably protects your Internet traffic by encrypting it with symmetric crypto algorithm AES-256-CBC.

No logs

our service doesn't keep any information about your activity in the net.

BitTorrent, p2p, VoIP support

working with every device including mobile phones, also BitTorrent, p2p, VoIP are supported.

Safe WiFi

complete protection against checking your confidential information, passwords, accesses and payment data at public wifi spots.

High speed

wide choice of servers with a large channel guarantees the fastest and stable operation.

Full anonymity

we replace IP-address of the source and it keeps in secret the information about real location and history of actions on the Internet.

Wide choice of servers

we provide 150 servers from 27 countries and 28 cities for your choise.

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On all tariffs: Traffic Encryption, Logs are not stored, Unlimited bandwidth, Torrent / P2P / VoIP Support, Secured Wi-Fi

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Best VPN access inexpensively

Modern trends that can be traced on the Internet are represented by many restrictions. More and more sites on the World Wide Web are blocking their content, leaving access only to certain territories. Or another situation: sites violate the law, post illegal material, in a word, they carry out prohibited or partially prohibited activities and therefore automatically fall under blocking. All these bans and restrictions allow you to bypass the use of a VPN.

VPN is one of the ways to free yourself from prohibitions and restore complete freedom of action within the world wide web. With VPN it is easy to bypass the restrictions imposed by third-party services, as well as to freely view, process, and send information over the Internet without any blocking and similar problems.

The essence of a reliable VPN

Virtual Private Network - This is what VPN stands for.

The mechanism of this program is very simple. This is a high-tech process that allows you to connect to a specific domain using servers from other countries where blocking does not work and the site is open to users. This opens access to the necessary information that was previously blocked at the level of laws or due to the internal rules of a private network (for example, an office).

VPN technology is a way to organize a third-party reliable connection to the desired server using various methods of information encryption. Thus, the user can freely move between blocked domains, through someone else's IP address, without risking being noticed.

VPN and blocking bypass

VPN app is one of the best, easiest and fastest ways to bypass site blocking. The user does not need to encrypt personal information, somehow change the IP address. VPN automatically creates a tunnel to sites blocked in your country for one reason or another. And the main advantage is that absolutely all users can use a VPN, even if their experience is below average.

The need for the VPN utility appears when a user is faced with a situation where he cannot get to the domain of a third-party site due to its blocking inside the network. Installing the right software will allow you to visit blocked sites, as well as have constant access to social networks and other resources if they are blocked by an employer or provider. With VPN you will have direct access to the Internet without restrictions.

Note! VPN programs are an additional utility for your browser, do not take up much space, do not require large resources. Moreover, the best VPN we offer is supported by default by all popular web programs.

Top reasons for using a best VPN server

VPNs have huge advantages, let's outline the main ones:

When using a VPN, hacker attacks are not scary. The system provides additional encryption, which means protecting the user and his information on the network.

When buying a VPN, in addition to the advantages, you need to take into account some features of the program, which can directly or indirectly affect in the future the efficiency of the VPN and directly on the connection to other servers.

What is extremely important to pay attention to:

If in using VPN you, first of all, appreciate the connection speed and fast loading, then when choosing the software that suits you, you should pay attention to what VPN protocols this or that developer offers. It is important to understand that the more available servers a best VPN allows to connect to, the faster it processes information and, accordingly, the faster it works.

It is also important to consider not only the number of servers but their territorial location. This is a list of countries through which VPN will send a signal, whose IP address will be used.

Proximity plays a very important role in connection speed.

When searching and installing software, we advise you to pay attention to the availability of modern encryption algorithms for the reliable protection of your data.

A properly selected VPN allows you to activate the system in one click, select the country through which the connection will be made, and the required IP will be automatically adjusted accordingly. As a result, the server will see you as a resident of the corresponding IP-address of the country, and you will be able to freely visit blocked sites. Also, all information that goes to your computer will go through an additional encryption procedure. This is a guarantee of the safety and security of data.

Best VPN protocols and their types

Currently, it is difficult to find a user who, not only has not used but has not even heard of VPN. VPNs are incredibly common. We have explained the general principle of their operation, but we will now explain in detail how VPNs look from the inside.

In fact, VPN work is based on protocols that allow a specific user to continue working on prohibited sites through someone else's IP address.

VPN protocols allow each user to automatically change their address from which there was a complete connection to any third-party, usually registered in another country. For connection, servers of countries where access is allowed are used. Thus, by adopting the new VPN protocols, the user will start showing up from different geolocation.

Let's consider the types of VPN protocols and their main differences:

  1. PPTP VPN. This is a secure tunnel designed to move information from point A to point B. PPTP is very common, as it is optimal for a consumer network. VPN with PPTP protocol is very easy to use, does not require special hardware, is supported and used with standard web applications. Such a VPN network is installed on any type of operating system (Windows macOS Linux). The only drawback of the protocol is the lack of security and reliability. PPTP VPN can be used hassle-free at home, for personal use. But for solving corporate, collective tasks, is less stable and secure.
  2. Layer 2 protocol L2TP. Developed by Microsoft and Cisco. It has the main feature: at the time of using a best VPN, it automatically connects to other types of protocols. Due to additional encryption on the server, this move guarantees additional security and safety of the user's data at the time of connection. L2TP is more reliable than PPTP.
  3. IPsec protocol. The most secure VPN protocol ever developed. It is used if it is necessary to achieve maximum security at the time of receiving or submitting information. The peculiarity of IPsec is to create an additional port to a third-party server. The information that passes through it is checked and additionally encrypted. Typically, the protocol is used when you need to connect to a server using transport or tunnel modes, both of which are used to encrypt information between networks.

In tunnel mode, information is completely protected, and in transport mode, individual messages within a session are encoded. IPsec is an add-on to any of the main protocols that significantly increases the level of security of transmitted and received information. The only drawback of this protocol is its large weight on a physical medium and a rather long software installation.

Best Anonymous VPN - Fast & Cheap

VPN is a digital secure online network that works in parallel with the existing Internet. Thanks to this technology, the user gets constant access to any information from anywhere in the world. This is very important for companies, entrepreneurs, investors who use VPN to solve corporate issues. All employees of the company get access to the server through one VPN. And to connect to a closed server, its current VPN address and login data are indicated. This is usually a username and password. Owners of VPN servers, and companies that rent them from intermediaries, can monitor all traffic through the program, which allows them to control the work of their employees, having full access to the history of their visits. Is it necessary and important for you? Do you think this is ethical? The answers to the questions are purely individual. The rest of the VPN programs are simple to use and are supported by all available operating systems. They are easy to install even on mobile phones with Android or iOs operating systems.

VPN advantages ip

Overcoming digital barriers, open access to closed sites of the World Wide Web, user mobility are the key benefits of using a VPN. This system overcomes geographical and legal barriers.

Every day, more and more official sites require users to connect only through the main channel, without using third-party servers, but what about when a huge part of high-quality content is blocked by the legislature? Best VPN servers are the only way available to the layman and the average Internet user to bypass the obstacle that has appeared in front of him in the form of blocking and continue using the site.

This task is carried out thanks to the VPN protocol, which creates a special tunnel for information that is encrypted and goes straight to the target. At the same time, the interception of any data or personal information is unrealistic. Hackers will not be able to steal any of your personal information, even if you are connected to a public network in a mall or subway. But in this case, another question becomes relevant: which of the VPN developers to choose, which of the systems to entrust personal safety and security of personal data?

VPN for pc - program varieties

There are two types of VPN programs: free and paid. It should be noted that thousands of developers provide access to free VPN. But here you need to be careful not to get caught by a scammer. Here's an example of a situation: you download a VPN for free, and install it on your PC without any extra expenses. At first glance, the result is remarkable: you go to sites, bypass all kinds of blockages. And at the same time, all information is transferred from the computer to the VPN servers available to the owner.

Thus, one secret door opens for you, but the one who has the key to the secret door can enter it at any time and take whatever he wants from there. Therefore, if you decide to buy VPN server for pc cheap, carefully study the manufacturers, try to trust intermediaries.

Let's consider in detail the subspecies of VPN servers:

Pros of purchasing VPN from our company

The advantages of buying and setting up a VPN with us are represented by the following positions:

  1. High confidentiality due to constantly changing IP addresses.
  2. The speed, which is significantly higher than using the VPN in the free version.
  3. Anonymity.
  4. Unconditional freedom on the Internet.
  5. Guaranteed security, even when connected to public networks.
  6. Expedited registration on the site.
  7. Technical support during download, installation, software settings.
  8. The work of the VPN program in any browser.
  9. VPN for a computer with a minor setting is a versatile tool that can be used on different devices.

Secrets Line - anonymous VPN service with maximum reliability

Looking for an all-in-one software that can guarantee unlimited VPN using OpenVPN protocols? Consider that you have found it - this is SecretsLine. The program opens secure access to previously blocked sites, allowing you to conduct safe activities on previously closed domains. Reasons why SecretsLine VPN should be preferred:

Protection of DNS requests.

  1. The software supports capital protection of DNS requests.
  2. Lack of logs.
  3. By clearing the history, the user can maintain a high level of security and complete anonymity.

Different geos

The offered VPN has more than 100 working servers in more than 30 countries of the world. Note that VPN geography is constantly expanding, which allows you to connect to a larger list of countries while maintaining your anonymity.

Individual approach.

Each client who has chosenIP address in favor of SecretsLine software is guaranteed high-quality service and highly qualified technical support.

The unique functionality of Double VPN and Tor.

It is an additional option to use the advanced features of Double VPN and Tor. An additional option to use the unique feature of Double VPN and Tor provides an additional level of anonymity with one click of the mouse.

We offer to buy access to VPN at a reasonable price on our website. We provide all inquiries and advice online or by phone. We also suggest filling out the feedback form, which allows you to quickly contact the specialists of our company.

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